74th Anniversary of the Darwin Bombings


74th Anniversary of the Darwin Bombings (1.21 mins)

Australian Defence Force personnel supported the 74th anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin commemorations on Friday, the 19th of February 2016. A RAAF No 92 Wing AP-3C Orion maritime surveillance aircraft along with two de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth aircraft provided an aerial display in front of a crowd of more than 2,500 spectators, representing a force of 188 Japanese aircraft. As part of the re-enactment, three of the Army’s Darwin-based, 8th/12th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery M2A2 Howitzer ceremonial guns ‘returned fire’ with blank 105mm rounds, representing the less-than two dozen Australian anti-aircraft guns protecting Darwin on the day. The commemorations included an ADF catafalque party and the Australian Army Band (Darwin) provided entertainment throughout the proceedings. 188 Japanese aircraft attacked Darwin at 0958 on Thursday 19 February 1942. They utilised high level Kate bombers; Val dive bombers, and Zero fighter aircraft in their assault, launched from four aircraft carriers and their battle group located in the Timor Sea. 235 people were killed; around 400 wounded. 131 of them were in US service. Eleven ships were sunk, with the largest loss of life from the destroyer USS Peary, with 88 killed In action.

Publish Date 22 Feb 2016
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