1st Brigade Individual Skills Enhancement Training


1st Brigade Individual Skills Enhancement Training (1.37 mins)

Members from the Australian Army 1st Brigade conduct mission specific training at Robertson Barracks Training Area in January 2017 prior to deploying as mentors at the Afghanistan National Army Officer Academy (ANAOA). This mission specific training includes Individual Skills Enhancement Training (ISET) which consists of integrated close combat techniques and advanced close quarter battle skills provided through lectures, range packages and equipment lessons. 80 ADF mentors are developing the next generation of Afghanistan National Army leaders at ANAOA, to the west of Kabul, along with partners from the UK, New Zealand and Denmark as part of Operation HIGHROAD. Around 270 personnel from the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Air Force and Defence civilians are deployed on Operation HIGHROAD as part of Australia’s commitment to the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

Publish Date 06 Feb 2017
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