Adventure Training Award


Adventure Training Award (1.18 mins)

Around 140 Australian Army cadets from around Australia are competing for the Adventure Training Award badge, considered to be one of the ultimate awards a cadet can receive, with a week of vigorous activities at Majura Training Range, near Canberra, from 8-15 April 2017. Throughout the week the cadets will trek around 100 kilometres across the country using their navigation skills during which they will be tested in various initiative incidents and have to undergo complex tasks. The training provides opportunities for cadets to work in a team environment and to develop individual skills including leadership, initiative, and problem-solving in a safe, challenging and fun environment. The Australian Army Cadets is a leading national youth development organisation, with the character and values of the Australian Army, founded on a strong community partnership, fostering and supporting an ongoing interest in the Australian Army.

Publish Date 13 Apr 2017
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