Aeromedical Evacuation Training


Aeromedical Evacuation Training (0.36 mins)

TASK Group Taji Health Company recently conducted aero-medical evacuation training as part of ongoing operational readiness exercises for Operation OKRA. The exercise was designed to test the capability of the Role 2 Echo hospital to treat and package patients for transport for further treatment at the Role 3 US Hospital in Baghdad. The exercise included four separate serials which included medical staff from all participating coalition forces posted to the Role 2 Echo at the Taji Military Complex (TMC) near Baghdad. Simulated patients were packaged for transport inside the R2E and then moved to the helipad to be transported via a US Army Blackhawk. The US Army Blackhawk lifted off and conducted a simulated move to Baghdad circling the compound at the TMC and then returned and landed to conduct a “hot offload” of a patient before immediately conducting the next serial. The exercise confirmed the ability of TGT to conduct aero-medical evacuations in partnership with coalition forces and US aero-medical evacuation assets.

Publish Date 14 Jul 2017
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