ADF and Filipino soldiers meet with PM in Manila


ADF and Filipino soldiers meet with PM in Manila (0.50 mins)

On Monday, 13 November 2017, the Prime Minister of Australia, The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull MP attended an Urban Close Combat demonstration by soldiers from the Australian Army’s Joint Task Force 629 and Filipino soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division of the Philippines Army at the Armed Forces of the Philippines Headquarters in Manila, Philippines. The Filipino soldiers had just completed a three-week course in urban close combat run by an Australian Defence Force Land Mobile Training Team deployed to the Philippines as part of Operation AUGURY-PHILIPPINES. Operation AUGURY is the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to the Whole-of-Australian-Government effort to counter terrorism and violent extremism in the domestic, regional and global context, and Operation AUGURY-PHILIPPINES is part of a Whole of Australian Government effort to work closely with the Government of the Philippines in its fight against terrorism, and supports its determination to defeat Daesh-affiliated groups in the southern Philippines. The demonstration gave Prime Minister Turnbull an opportunity to observe the new urban close skills taught to the Filipino soldiers by Joint Task Force 629.

Publish Date 14 Nov 2017
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