Military Police Dogs arrive in Darwin


Military Police Dogs arrive in Darwin (1.1 mins)

On Tuesday 30 Jan, three Military Police Dogs (MPD) were transferred from Oakey to Amberley and then transported by C130 to Darwin by the RAAF. This included a vehicle and associated MPD equipment. The Military Police Dogs are part of the 1st Military Police Battalion and have been solely Kennelled in Oakey until now. B Coy 1 MP Bn have built a new Military Police Dog Kennel facility where it has allowed us to now move three dogs from Oakey, to join the one other dog we have acquired from NT POL recently. B Coy 1 MP Bn will have four MPD permanently in Darwin to work in Close Support to the 1st Brigade, and in particular 5 RAR and 1 CER. MPD are a combat multiplier that will provide commanders flexibility and use of force options. MPD Tasks can include but not limited to tracking, used in the clearance of urban or rural areas, or controlling large crowds. With additional funding, 1 MP Bn will continue to build additional kennels and permanently house up to six more MPD in location (10 total). The MPD capability will be developed within A Coy 1 MP BN in Townsville this year with the intent to kennel MPD in location ASAP. B Coy 1 MP Bn have close working relationships with NT POL Dog squad and conduct joint training to enhance capability and interoperability.

Publish Date 07 Feb 2018
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