Captain Wales ARH Tiger and Wheelchair AFL


Captain Wales ARH Tiger and Wheelchair AFL (1.27 mins)

His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales – or Captain Harry Wales – as he is known in the British Army is undertaking a short duration attachment with the Australian Army. Captain Wales received flight simulation training, before heading out with members of the 1st Aviation Regiment on an Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) Tiger flight over the region. Captain Wales then joined the wounded injured and ill Army members of the Soldier Recovery Centre; as well as other members of the 1st Brigade, for a game of wheelchair AFL (Australian Football League) The 1st Brigade is one of the Australian Army’s three multi-role combat brigades and consists of more than 3,400 civilian and military personnel. Based at Robertson Barracks, Palmerston and located around 20kms south of Darwin in the Northern Territory; the 1st Brigade is home to armoured, cavalry, aviation, artillery, infantry, engineer and combat services support battalions. During his attachment with the Australian Army, Captain Wales will be working and living alongside Army members in various units and regiments. He is expected to spend time at Army Barracks in Darwin, Perth and Sydney.

Publish Date 21 Apr 2015
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