Operation Legacy Australia Kokoda Challenge


Operation Legacy Australia Kokoda Challenge (2.59 mins)

Serving Veterans and Junior Legatees walk the Kokoda Trail. Between 28 August and 7 September 2017, seventeen serving Australian Defence Force personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force walked the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea with 23 Legacy Youth as part of Operation Legacy Australia Kokoda Challenge. Prior to and during the trek, the serving ADF personnel acted as mentors to the Legacy youth, all of whom were the children of ADF members who had died or been incapacitated as a result of their ADF service. The activity offered an opportunity for the ADF veterans to engage with and support the Junior Legatees, provide support to an important charity initiative raising money for Legacy and strengthen the already important relationship between Legacy Australia and the ADF. The trek coincided with the Australian national launch of Legacy Week 2017 and was also conducted 75th years after the Kokoda campaign of the Second World War, offering the group a special and unique opportunity to mark an important anniversary in Australian military history.

Publish Date 07 Sep 2017
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