RAAF Puppies visit Ipswich Hospital


RAAF Puppies visit Ipswich Hospital (0.45 mins)

Seven Military Working Dog (MWD) puppies from RAAF Base Amberley recently visited children at Ipswich Hospital. In December 2018, children from the hospital’s Sunshine Ward put forward suggestions for names for the newest litter of Air Force puppies. Each litter of new puppies is given a letter from the alphabet to distinguish them from other litters. This litter of five boys and two girls was designated the letter ‘I’ so all the puppies names were required to begin with ‘I’. Corporal Natasha Falconer from the RAAF Security and Fire School Breeding cell at RAAF Base Amberley announced the names of the puppies to the children at the hospital. Iron, Ippy, Ida, Isshi and Igloo (the boys) and the girl puppies Ivy and Iris will soon start to undergo training to become Military Working Dogs. The children were excited to meet these friendly and adorable four legged friends.

Publish Date 24 Jan 2019
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