Kokoda sacrifices remembered through Defence trek


Kokoda sacrifices remembered through Defence trek (1.4 mins)

Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Australian Public Service (APS) members recently conducted Exercise Kokoda Strike 2019 in Papua New Guinea, from 03-12 May 19. Forty members from Forces Command, Air Command and Fleet Command conducted the eight-day trek along the Kokoda Track in order to commemorate the soldiers of the Citizen Military Forces (CMF) and Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) who fought along the Kokoda Track during World War II. The Kokoda Track is a single-file foot track, 96 kilometres in length (60 kilometres in a straight line), through the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea. The track features rugged and isolated terrain, which is only passable on foot. The track reaches a height of 2190 metres as it passes the peak of Mount Bellamy. Exercise KOKODA STRIKE 19 provided the participating members a joint professional development opportunity to better understand the sacrifice of those who fought in World War II, learn first-hand important military history and develop their own personal leadership and resilience skills.

Publish Date 14 May 2019
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