Iraqi Army Mission Rehearsal Exercise


Iraqi Army Mission Rehearsal Exercise (0.59 mins)

2000 soldiers from the Iraqi Army (IA) 55 Bde have successfully completed a series of Mission Rehearsal Exercises at the Taji Military Complex, (TMC) 20 Kilometres north of Baghdad. This brings to over 44,000 the number of members of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) who have received training from Task Group Taji since it became fully operational in May 2015. Now in its eighth rotation, Task Group Taji is the Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean led Task Group overseeing the delivery of training to the ISF via the School of Infantry NCO II, (SINCO II) at the Taji Military Complex, Iraq. The IA 55 Bde received a wide range of instruction to enhance their infantry skills. This included basic combat life support, heavy weapons training, rural patrolling, urban clearance, counter IED and counter sniper training.

Publish Date 15 May 2019
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