Farewell to troops ahead of Middle East deployment


Farewell to troops ahead of Middle East deployment (1.0 mins)

More than 270 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel were farewelled at Robertson Barracks, Darwin, on August 1 ahead of their upcoming deployment to the Middle East Region. The ADF contingent is largely from the Australian Army’s 1st Brigade, and will deploy on a six-to-eight month rotation as part of Theatre Communications Group-9 and Force Protection Element-12. The Theatre Communications Group-9 contingent consists of about 100 ADF communications specialists who are responsible for the delivery of national command and welfare communications, and information systems that support deployed personnel. The Force Protection Element-12 contingent members will provide essential security and protected mobility support for ADF mentors and advisers who are working to support Australia’s contribution to the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in the vicinity of Kabul, Afghanistan. There are more than 1000 ADF personnel currently deployed to the broader Middle East Region.

Publish Date 07 Aug 2019
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