ADF Total Workforce Model – SERVOP D


ADF Total Workforce Model – SERVOP D (4.7 mins)

The Dual Employment service option (SERVOP D) has been incorporated in the ADF Total Workforce Model as a mechanism that will allow the skills and experience of a member to be shared between the member’s Service and an industry partner. Under SERVOP D an ADF member serves part-time for Defence (either as Permanent/Regular member in SERCAT 6 or a Reserve member in SERCAT 5) and works part-time for a civilian employer in a related role. The Service and the employer establish a formal partnership under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly coordinate the SERVOP D member’s service and employment periods. SERVOP D acknowledges that in many instances the ADF and industry share a common and sometimes limited talent pool of people with high-value/in demand skills. It aims to increase the retention of these people by offering them the opportunity to broaden their experiences and contribute in both organisations.

Publish Date 24 May 2016
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